Welcome to Police Assistance Committee

Police Assistance Committee is a unique security organisation charged with the duties of security information dissemination, intelligence gathering and dissemination of information to the police and other security agencies through our members of Tradesmen & Artisans all over the 36 states of the nation, who operate at the grassroot level, doing their usual businesses yet remain the eyes watching for the police, and other sensitive governmental agencies.


From the office of Security Assistance/Police Assistance Committee on Community Policing.

We are mandated as it has become mandatory to register/partner with us on this crusade against insecurity through security information gathering, dissemination and intelligence gathering under the act of community policing.

You can register as a Definite/Complete member and you benefits are as follows:


We are non-partisan and non-political but purely on security issues.


We have organized seminars and workshops across Nigeria for the past two decades

Inauguration/seminar and workshop held in katsina state on information/intelligence gathering and to disseminate information to police and all other security agencies nationwide,mainly for members of the public, grassroots members, tradesmen /women and artisans, market men/women, garage motor park operators, okada riders/keke napep operators, CSO'S of all local government, CSOs of companies and industries where trained on how to receive and give information to the police and all other security agencies with out fear of favour.

All security agencies that attended the seminar appeal to all members of the public and stake holders by bringing vital information that could leed to tracking down criminals and hoodlums that are tormenting the nation, His Royal Highness Emir of katsina commented on the efforts of police assistance committee by inaugurating police assistance committee in katsina state due to crime increment in the state and he encouraged the state chapter of police assistance committee, to all local government coordinators to work hard in getting and bringing information's.

The Emir of katsina state also advice the police and all other security agencies to give an open door policy and hands of friendship and love to members of police assistance committee, both national body/state chapter of police assistance committee /ATA. To his observations he discovered that some security agencies are not giving them hand of friendship and love by encouraging police assistance committee for this good work they are doing, he also said playing politics with this type of groups whom are informant can not help his country.

By playing politics with them crime will increase more and more, also the participant in the seminar and workshop where very happy and the commented alot by appreciating the establishment of police assistance committee in katsina state and they advised we should continue state to state so that members of the public will work with security agencies, that by doing that it will reduce crime drastically In the country. His Royal Highness Igwe Humphrey Ejesieme (JP) appreciated the effort of national body of police assistance committee /ATA in establishing such seminar and workshop in katsina state.

The former Senate chairman Igwe paulinus nwagwa on Senate committee on police affairs whom is the chairman of the occasion advised all head of security agencies to show hand of friendship and love to this body police assistance committee because security agencies can't do the work alone with out this body that controls tradesmen /women and artisans nation wide, whom have been training their members on how to sniff around in bringing information he also advised security agencies not to bring in politics into this group that stand as informant.

Also included in our albums are pictures of seminars and workshops organized by PAC/ATA for the past two decades.